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    When looking for a new floor the following points may need to be taken into consideration.

    A heavy duty floorcovering should be specified which can withstand heavy foot traffic, whilst maintaining its appearance. We also recommend the use of a high quality barrier matting system which will protect your floorcovering and reduce your maintenance costs.
    There will be areas that require a floor to be safe especially in wet areas or areas prone to spillages, for example, behind a bar or servery.

    We supply and install the following products to meet your requirements and provide useful pointers to show the main attributes of these floorcoverings.

     Carpeting/Axminster Carpet
    • Excellent acoustic properties.
    • Provides a warm, comfortable, luxurious feel to any area.
    • Greater slip resistance if required in relation to hard floorcoverings.
    • Huge design and colour choices.
    • Borders can be installed to make an area look unique and impactive.
    • Hard wearing.


    Carpet Tiles (generally for Leisure areas)

    • Perfect for areas that require under floor access, for example gymnasiums/weight rooms where electrical points are present.
    • Easy to replace single tiles, especially suitable for areas where spillages may occur and high load points.
    • Excellent acoustic properties.
    • Hard wearing.
    • Antistatic properties.
    • Can be installed in different ways to make your floor look more interesting.



    • Modern and stylish.
    • Fashionable.
    • Hygienic and non-allergenic.
    • Hard wearing.
    • Ideal for dance floors.


     Amtico/Designer vinyl floors

    • Modern and stylish.
    • Huge selection of designs to suit your requirements.
    • Hard wearing.
    • Portrays quality, luxury and prestige.
    • Easy to clean, hygienic and non-allergenic.


     Safety Flooring

    • Contains granules to enhance slip resistance, ideal for areas that may become wet.
    • Large choice of colours.
    • Can be coved up the wall to provide a water-tight sealed floor for hygiene (for areas such as kitchens and toilets).


     Stair Edgings ('nosings')

    • Nosings to staircases minimise wear to the floorcovering, hence increasing lifespan and appearance.
    • Highlights step edge and enhances slip resistance.
    • Colours can be selected to complement colour schemes.
    • Bronze nosings can be fitted to a staircase to achieve a prestigious finish.
    • Special nosings can also include lighting for aisles and dark staircases usually found in pubs, clubs and cinema.



    • Logos and Designs can be created, and look very effective, for example in Reception Areas.
    • Wide range of colours and designs.
    • Hard wearing.
    • Hygienic
    • Easy to clean and maintain.


    Barrier Matting

    We would always recommend a barrier mat to entrance ways to maintain your floors appearance and wearability - please see our 'specialist floors' page for further information.
    We have many years experience working in these types of areas, often working to deadlines and in conjunction with opening hours. Our customers include Bass, Whitbreds, Mansfield and Marstons breweries either direct, through builders or shopfitters.


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