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    When looking for a new floor for these types the following points may need to be taken into consideration.

    The floorcoverings to these areas must be hygienic and be able to provide a sterile environment. Therefore, an easy clean product needs to be considered.

    We supply and install the following products to meet your requirements and provide useful pointers to show the main attributes of these floorcoverings.

     Vinyl Sheet

    • Logos and designs can be created if desired .
    • Wide range of colours and designs.
    • Hard wearing.
    • Hygienic and non-allergenic.
    • Antistatic (meeting IBM and ICL specifications).
    • Can be coved (see skirtings below).


     Studded Rubber 

    • Extremely hard wearing.
    • Easy to clean and safe underfoot.
    • Resistant to cigarette burns.
    • Resistant to diluted acids and most chemicals.
    • Antistatic.
    • Can be used for internal and external installations.


     Safety Flooring

    • Enhanced slip resistance.
    • Extremely hard wearing.
    • Embossed floors available.
    • Hygienic
    • Ideal for areas where spillages may occur.


     PVC Cladding (ideal for Clean Rooms and Laboratories) 

    • For use on walls and similar surfaces where hygiene is important.
    • Provides resistance to abrasion and soiling.
    • A choice of colours to provide a close match to floorcoverings which if combined with coved skirting will achieve an entirely sealed surface.
    • Good resistance to acids and alkalis.
    • Creates an impervious surface resistant to bacteria and micro organisms.



    • Vinyl, in the same colour as the sheet, can be coved up the wall to a suitable height providing a completely sealed surface.
    • Set-in skirtings can be welded to the sheet to provide a water-tight surface in colours to suit décor.


     Stair Edgings ('nosings') 

    • Nosings to steps minimise wear to the floorcovering, hence increasing lifespan and appearance.
    • Highlights step edge and enhances slip resistance.
    • Colours can be selected to complement colour schemes.


     Barrier Matting

    • We would always recommend a barrier mat to entrance ways to maintain your floors appearance and wearability - please see our 'specialist floors' page for further information.


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